TCU Cadet Karl Bjorn

TCU Cadet Karl Bjorn:

I was raised in North Texas, and attended Keller High School. During high school I predominately ran Cross Country and Track. While in Cross Country I was introduced to my first idea of leadership and what it meant to try to motivate people to exceed and perform at a high level, though I wasn’t truly aware that I was leading at this point in time. Upon graduation I applied to TCU and for the ROTC scholarship, fortunately for me, I received both. From there I threw myself into ROTC, wanting to excel and desiring a challenge, which naturally lead me to wanting to compete in Ranger Challenge. I loved Ranger Challenge and continued doing it all four years, but I wanted a bigger challenge. So I asked to, and was chosen to attend the Army’s Basic Airborne Course which I completed. Then my junior year a slot came up for Special Forces Underwater Operations: Combat Divers Qualification Course in Key West, Florida. I competed with the Cadets of 5 BDE and was one of three Cadets slotted to attend the course. I graduated from the course July 6 and had to report to LDAC that same day. I’m currently Branched Infantry and slotted to attend BOLC in January. I currently have a 3.0 and I am studying Movement Science and wish to eventually get into Physical Therapy or become a strength and conditioning specialist for a college/professional sports team.