Mant Hawkins

Mant Hawkins
Chief Executive Officer
Mant Hawkins is the CEO of Enoetics, LLC in the real estate investment industry, and his own consulting practice, Possibilitarians, LLC assisting companies with strategy development, complex problems, and the leadership required to meet the current complex environment. Previously, he was CEO of Kaonetics Technologies Inc., an innovative technology company specializing in national security, law enforcement, and private sector technology solutions.
Mant also acts as Immediate Past President of the National Defense Industry Association Lone Star Chapter, is an active member of the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations, the Dallas and Fort Worth World Affairs Council and is a requested strategy, leadership and entrepreneurship speaker. He has spoken on C-SPAN for the DFW World Affairs Council, as a keynote speaker for HBO’s Premier of the Movie “Taking Chance” and as an advisor in the HBO central region for their recent documentary “Wartorn: 1861- 2010.” Mant has served, as a presenter/panelist at the SMU Tower Center National Security Forum and has presented at TEDx SMU. Mant is a Board Member of the TCU AddRan School of Liberal Arts, and the State of Texas Private Sector Advisory Council for Homeland Defense and Infrastructure Security.
As a Marine, Mant piloted FA-18s all over the world including air combat off of aircraft carriers and expeditionary airfields, with ground assignments in Iraq and the greater Middle East. His military background includes international operations in Asia, Europe, and Central and Southwest Asia leading, planning, or designing business excellence and sustainability into organizations, projects and programs. Key assignments include TOPGUN Instructor pilot and operations practitioner at all levels of Marine aviation, ground, and service support organizations. In 2004, Colonel Hawkins was responsible for orchestrating all Marine Corps flight and aviation ground combat operations in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. From 2005 to 2007 he served as Director of the United States Central Command, Commander’s personal think tank studying the Iraq, Afghanistan, and African conflict areas, engaging key influential experts in those areas and proposing policy level solutions. Prior to transitioning from active duty in 2008, Colonel Hawkins served as the Director of the Global Combating Terrorism Network and Strategic Initiatives for U.S. Special Operations Command in Tampa, Florida. Before beginning his Marine Officer career, Mant graduated from The Citadel, and has actively continued his education throughout his life holding three Masters degrees from Texas Christian University – MBA (2011), U.S. Air University – Strategy (2001), and U.S. Marine Corps University – Military History (1996). Mant lives in Fort Worth, Texas with the love of his life Elizabeth. He has a son Trey, and three daughters, Hannah, Jordan, and Mckinsey.